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    Didn't see this on a quick search thru the forums - but if anyone knows that'd be great.

    What exactly DOES sync and DOESN'T with Google? I'm not talking about the basic stuff - more the advanced such as:



    Also - more weirdness - I have one contact that has "Company Main" as one of their numbers, yet I don't have that selectable unless I'm on that Contact. On the Pre it's Other - on Google it's "Company Main".

    So what's the official word?
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    Birthday doesn't appear to be syncing in either direction for me.
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    Google Contacts have versions. The fields that sync to Pre are V2 fields, which was the state of Google in June when the Pre was launched. You may also note that most Google Android phones also use only only V2 fields.

    Around late July, Google release Contact V3 fields. These include Birthday, Spouse and a completely different way of handling street address.

    Although Google now supports V3 fields, it takes time for various products to catch up. Also, in the early release, the V3 fields were a bit flaky (i.e. didn't sync and lost data).

    In early October Google has sent a notice that V2 is sunset they are going to pull the plug shortly. I hope they don't because 90 days is not a long time for widespread adoption of V3. If Google pulls the plug, count on a lot of more fields than Birthday NOT working until Contact add-on products get updated to V3.

    At CompanionLink, one of our products works with Google. We're fully on V3 at this point. We've taken the extra step to move Birthday and Spouse to the Contact Notes, as well as filling in the Contact V3 field, which gives a sort of V2 compatibility for Palm webOS phones as well as Android phones. This way, people have the field on the Pre now in the note, and hopefully they'll have it on the Pre later (twice). Once the Pre comes up to Contact V3 field compatibility we'll remove the extra data in the contact note.

    I hope this information helps.

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    I have had excellent results using Companionlink. Thanks for making and improving a great product.
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    Regrettably, the Tasks application of CompanionLink USB Sync isn't working correctly for me with Outlook: see thread.
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    Two questions:

    1) Is there any update on this Google version thing?

    2) Is this why updating addresses on Pre don't sync with Google?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc924 View Post
    Two questions:

    1) Is there any update on this Google version thing?

    2) Is this why updating addresses on Pre don't sync with Google?

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