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    I had a Palm Pre that I was using for emails from my work Outlook EAS email via the webmail server address. It worked fine, but I had battery issues, so I traded it in for another Palm Pre.

    Now, only some of my email syncs while some of it doesn't. I don't have this problem with Gmail at all, just with Outlook.

    Any thoughts? I tried some ad hoc solutions I read on the internet like resetting my phone and starting over, copying all the emails out of my inbox and back in and re-syncing, erasing my palm profile and starting over, etc., but nothing works. I still only get about 1/4 of my emails and it seems totally random.

    Also, a friend of mine in my office has no problems with his Palm Pre and MS EAS and I'm the one that set it up!

    I also spent tons of time on the phone with Sprint and Palm with no solutions.

    Please help!

    Thank you!!!
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    Also, as a side note, the messages that ARE getting through are not triggering any notification (message or vibration). Thoughts anyone? Someone told me that sometimes this happens when you leave your outlook open on your desktop. Thoughts?
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    One of my peers is having the same problem - anyone have any thoughts? In addition to what Rhihan tried, I added his account to my Pre with my working EAS profile with the same results in that his profile doesn't synch all of his emails.

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