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    I personally hate synergy I like to be able to control every aspect of my phone
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    I assume you are referring to the facebook and google contacts and lack of options on what to sync since it is all or nothing. If that is the case, you have the option to not sync those.

    I agree that it would be nice to control what syncs and what doesn't, but I'd never give up using synergy now that I have it, I personally really like it. I don't think synergy necessarily gives you any less control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ser0 View Post
    I personally hate synergy I like to be able to control every aspect of my phone
    Fair enough. The Pre is NOT the device for you. If you already have one, you'd do well to return it.
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    just add the facebook contacts you want to google.
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    If you hate synergy then you have the wrong phone...
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    There are definitely things that kind of suck about Synergy when you first start working with it. The hardest for me to get used to has been finding the contacts for different facets of my life. I think there are a lot of people like me who have contacts (for example) outside of work and outside of "friends" who are just kind of acquaintances. For these people, I rarely know their last name so I have like 10 Josh's in my contacts that I need to identify better. In my old phone (since it didn't grab contacts from all my email services), it was much easier to manage. I realize that I can delete all of these "Josh"'s but I made a decision to edit them or live with them.

    What specifically, are your problems with Synergy? Why do you hate it? Are there any good things about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ser0 View Post
    I personally hate synergy I like to be able to control every aspect of my phone
    Really? Man, being able to sync my work calendar to one Google calendar, my Personal to another, my wife's to another. All different colors and I can add appointments to any and they appear on her phone. That rocks.

    I have more data in contacts than I did before, but needed to call a friend whose Cell phone I didn't have. Well I thought I didn't have it. Turns out he put it on his Facebook and I did. That rocks again.
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    There are pluses and minuses to the way synergy works, but this is new technology and there are always hiccups with new OS's. If we are all a little patient I think you will all see app. development explode soon and then we'll get features and improvements to handle all our various wants and needs just like in the past with other operating systems. Plus this is Palm's great white hope so hopefully they will listen to people in the forums and stay on top of fixes and updates OTA. I think the phone is amazing and has tons of potential. Palm does need to work on there core integration with Google though if it's going to be our only means of syncronizing anytime soon. So if patience isn't your virtue I would def. return the Pre and go get an I-Phone or a Win. Mo. device that is a little more seasoned and gives you what you want right now. In the end its all about personal preferences and what you can live with and without.
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    can I link facebook, so I can do mobile uploads, but not sync my friends to the phone. I notice a lag when searching for names when FB is added to the phone, but if I remove it, I cannot upload pics. Thanks

    **nevermind, evidently I should have searched a little harder first.
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    It is a lot better than messing around with outlook contacts and also having google voice is nice too.
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    i have my google contacts in "groups" i hope they add options to sort contacts by group in the future .

    other then that, everything syncs up great, and i'm VERY happy with how everything works on synergy.
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    If you hate it so much, why not use the Missing Sync program?
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    Has anyone had an issue syncing to Google calendar. My outlook sync's perfectly. When I 1st set up the phone, Google calendar sync'ed perfectly. Now I can't get anything that I add into Google Calendar to sync. I've tried to manual sync it and it still doesn't work. Anyone with any thoughts on the matter?

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