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    I noticed that PocketMirror and The Missing Sync are both released. I didn't realize that Missing Sync was a Mac app, but then did mention that a Windows version is coming soon. Does anyone have any information on this, i.e. what it will sync? Will it sync the same things as the Mac version? I would like to have my Outlook 2007 synced up as well as photos and MP3's, but it appears that PocketMirror only does Outlook.
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    I've tried using missing sync for my htc touch and now the palm pre and for some reason i can never sync correctly. I tried wifi both my mac and pre can find each other but only the contacts sync. Any tips?
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    Only contacts sync for me as well. But that is with the 'beta' version. The 1.0 release is now out. I haven't bought it yet.
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    You need to connect the Pre to the computer with USB to sync music, photos, and other potentially large files with the missing sync. It's working pretty well for me.
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    It works, but is missing a way to sync sms messages so I won't be upgrading. It's strange that neither palm nor mark/space provides a way to back up sms messages. My old missing sync for the treo 700p had sms message sync backup.

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