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    Tried searching (even the manual)...

    When does the Calendary sync w/ Google? I thought it would sync when I checked my gMail, but it did not. Does it sync on a regular schedule, or only when you do the "Sync Now" button?


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    The Pre uses IMAP IDLE with Gmail, which pushes email only. Contacts and Calendar are synced every 15 minutes.
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    Thank you. =) May I ask how you know that? Is it published somewhere?? There's a lot of details about operation of this phone that are "find it out as you go along."


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    From the release notes of 1.0.3 IIRC.
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    Yup, see that on Palm's site now.

    Thanks for the reply. Never would have thought to check release notes. =)
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    Hmmm. No dice. Created a test entry, waited 15 minutes, nothing. Waited 30, nothing. Waited an hour, nothing. Looked this morning, nothing. Thought maybe the app has to be open, nothing. Hit sync now button, bingo. Looks like my calendar doesn't want to sync on its own. =(
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    Hmm. Mine flows just perfectly. Maybe you can try to remove your Google account from the phone and put it back and see if that fixes things. Could be just gummed up somehow.
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    OK. Did a soft reset this morning and gave 'er another go. Sync'd just fine.
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    I tried that as well....that is, turned my Pre off (held the on/off button for a few seconds) and then back on, and it apparently synced. Go figure.
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    They should add more things such as my space, hotmail etc
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    found the same thing with my google mail calendar...wouldn't sync after more than 15 minutes, I hit the sync now button and then it finally synced.

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