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    Anyway to comment on a picture as it is uploaded? My friends always do this on their iphones, but so far I can't seem to figure out how to do it on my Pre.

    I can always go back to the photo and comment on it, but it looks different when you do it that way.
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    Would need a facebook app to do something like that (what iphone and BB have). Same issue with my Instinct, I go back and comment after photo posts.
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    Ya hopefully someone can either integrate additional features to the pre os or come up with a facebook app.
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    hopefully a facebook app is coming along soon
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    Im sure it is as they are pushing facebook as launch partner, even having a pre add dedicated to facebook... I hope they do come out with this and a way to tag those photos before you upload would be nice also! I do love the facebook upload feature tho. Remindes me of my Helio Ocean days!
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    cant w8 for a facebook my tweed app but i need facebook...could really care less about myspace...barely use it anymore
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    I'm looking forward to a dedicated Facebook app... I would even pay for it, as long as is was great. But only like 5 bucks or so
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    Is there any way to upload the pic to an album other than mobile uploads? or at least switch the picture to a diff album on
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