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    Hi there.

    I just picked up my Pre last night and am thrilled with it so far. The one problem I have is its ability to sync up changes in my google address book. I make a change or add a number to the pre or in gmail itself and even after trying to force a sync from the handset the change does not show up. I tried to parse through all the posts but found nothing that exactly describes this behavior. Can you offer and suggestions before I try customer service?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Welcome Chris

    I moved your thread to the appropriate forum.
    Hope you find a solution.

    Just call me Berd.
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    I have the same problem with facebook new contacts. It took weeks for one of them to show up. And manual syncing didn't result in new contacts in facebook being added to my pre. I can only assume they need to tweak the sync feature to better recogni1 changes between the cloud and the pre. Perhaps changing the contact info a few times will trigger something. If not I really can't think of anything that triggers it.
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    i too am having this problem...any suggestions??
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    I had the same problem with facebook. The only way I resolved it was by removing facebook from the accounts then adding it back.
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    Thanks...I deleted the account re-added it, now the syncing b/w gmail and the pre seems to be working just fine. Thanks.
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    My Google contacts sync just fine, but Facebook sync'ed for the initial add of the account, after that - NOTHING!

    I have Facebook friends that were added after the initial Facebook sync that have full contact info in FB, but they still aren't in my phone - 3 weeks later.
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    Ditto on the problem and ditto that deleting FB and then adding it back in picked up all the missing contacts.

    Obviously a problem, at least the work around seems to carry no negative results.
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    my gmail stopped syncing again...this time it's not syncing either way, from palm or from gmail.
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    I wonder if this is an issue that happened today. My Google Calendar had been synching just fine until apparently today? Odd. Not sure what to do at this point....anyone come up with a solution?
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    Odd....just turned my device off (held the off button for a few seconds), let it do its shut down, then turned back on, and it synced and everything appears correct. Interesting. Anyway, if having that problem try that.
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    Tried turning it off and on...still doesn't sync...any other suggestions?
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    Are they going to fix the Facebook syncing issue? New Facebook contacts do not sync to my phone at all. Manual sync does not work either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashdude1971 View Post
    Are they going to fix the Facebook syncing issue? New Facebook contacts do not sync to my phone at all. Manual sync does not work either.
    The Facebook sync issue is a mess... Palm has conflicting information posted on its website about Facebook sync.. For example:

    Here - Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Palm Pre FAQ: Synchronizing Contacts

    Palm says that changes made on Facebook do NOT get applied to the phone. Their solution is to remove Facebook account and re-add it. Not a solution, because it requires re-linking contacts. And seriously, step 4 -- repeat this procedure whenever its necessary to update? Are they kidding?
    * Syncing DOES NOT update a Pre phone with changes made to contacts at See the following procedure for a workaround for this.

    To update your phone with new information on

    1. Delete the Facebook account from the phone. See Using Contacts, "Deleting an online account".
    2. Create a new Facebook account on the phone. See Using Contacts, "Adding an online account".
    3. Tap Sync Now. When the new Facebook account is finished syncing, all current Facebook contact information is added to Contacts. This may take a few minutes. Wait for the Facebook sync complete message at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Repeat this procedure whenever it is necessary to update Facebook contacts on your phone
    However, HERE - Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Palm Pre FAQ: Synchronizing Contacts

    They say something entirely different -
    "One-way synchronization is available with Facebook. You can set up your Facebook account on your phone, and your Facebook contacts will be synchronized from the online account to your phone. Any changes you make to contacts in the online account will be synchronized to the account on your phone."

    Everyone's experience seems to be different.. For example, Facebook contacts that I delete on Facebook do not get deleted from my contacts on the Pre. Facebook contacts that I add on Facebook eventually make it to the Pre. Some people report NO sync at all after the initial adding of the account.. Its really annoying, they have to get this worked out.
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    I'm sure it is on the list. From a dev stand point there is a process. 1st you have to list all known issues and prioritize each issue to be worked on. All the while adding new issues and removing ones resolved. For each item in the list there is a process of figuring out how to fix the issue, coding it, alpha testing it, tweak, beta test, tweak, then release. Depending on the complexity of the issue this can take a week or two to over a month to complete the process. We can assume that the are working on more than one issue at the same time delegating manpower based on the complexity of each issue so that they can try and reduce the time it takes to release and also to lump as much as possible into a single update as to minimize the time factor related to the release of the update. As we know there are a number of higher priority issues that may not have a good work around. Once we have complete details on what is coming in the next update or two my best guess is end of august for smaller issues like this to be in the updates. This issue is present with the blackberry facebook app integration as well along with it not syncing all contacts initially. It may very well be an issue between both the device end and facebook end which could complicate getting the issue resolved.
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    I noticed that when I installed WHERE (ulocate?) from the App Store, WHERE inserted an account into both my Contacts and my Calendar. Then I noticed that my contacts were not syncing properly: the Pre was not collecting the information I edited online.

    I only use my Google Contacts, so there was no other interference. I deleted WHERE and returned to the prior functionality.

    Fluke or bug?
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    Palm's Google sync is a joke. I noticed that it wouldn't sync new Palm contacts to Google contact, a while ago. I just replaced my Palm (cracked screen) and now NONE of my google contacts are on the Pre. Took it to the Sprint store, and they recommended calling Palm. Palm didn't have a clue, but awaiting a call from backline support.

    I've tried removing/readding the account, adding contacts, updating the software, power-cycling the Pre, to no avail.

    On a lighter note, my Google calendar sync just works, and the Pre remembered all the apps I had installed, and reinstalled them. All my tasks were there, too.
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    Google contacts and Calendar issue

    Similar issue maybe... I deleted the accounts and now when I try to add google into contacts I get an error stating "The user name and password is incorrect." ...I have even reset my google password.

    When I try to to add google to calendar i get an error stating"Bad authentication."

    This started today..any ideas?????

    Edit: gmail works fine...

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    same problem today. gmail works but contacts and calendar do not sync. Help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcging View Post
    Ditto on the problem and ditto that deleting FB and then adding it back in picked up all the missing contacts.

    Obviously a problem, at least the work around seems to carry no negative results.
    my only issue is i end up having to re-link people... not too bad but anoying.. also i think it also maydepend on the security settings of the people in your list for FB. i noticed that some of the people that are missing they have me on a limited profile and some show up in my phone with contact info but no pic.. not sure 100 % but this may be it.. i have all but 20 people 13 of them have me on some type of restrictions
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