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    I stumbled upon this cool feature..
    When you have multiple email accounts (For example I have Aol, and Yahoo)

    There is a "Favorites" item on the top of the email page listing and below is the list of individual email options. That can be expanded with the blue and white "Side" arrow...

    If you look directly below the blue and white side arrow (which is now facing downwards) there are little greyed out stars. Tapping and highlighting these stars places the item (trash or spam folder or any other folder) on the top in the favorites section. This allows you to check everything in one place without having to open each individual mail box.

    Hope thats clear.. attached is a photo of what i am talking about. In the photo I had moved my outbox to the top by selecting it as a favorite.
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    I love the search feature. This answered exactly what I was looking for. Somehow, someway, I had removed my primary work email from my favorites and couldn't figure out how to add it again.

    Thanks for the tutorial.

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