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    Hey All

    I have a friend who is totally not tech savvy. She currently has a Treo 700p and uses Hotmail for her email. She doesn't have that setup for her Treo. I know Hotmail recently enabled POP access (but not IMAP) and was wondering if anyone here uses Hotmail with their Pre's. I know it's unlikely but if anyone does how well is it working for you?

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    Hotmail? I ended up having to use some manual settings someone posted on here to get it going, but it works like a champ on my Pre.
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    I have my Hotmail and 2 verizon accounts and they all work great.

    My only issue is I have Filters set up in Hotmail to filter to certain folders and the PRE can't pull those up.
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    Hotmail on my toy works just fine. Did the standard answer the ? Setup on day 1 & it caught without a hitch. I don't remember if there is a location you need to tickle at hotmail in the account saction...
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    I thought Hotmail was killing the battery. Was that fixed? Also, can any of you log on to Sign In and get your messages that way? I tried but it wouldn't work. I could see the messages, but not open any of them.

    Two things holding me back from the Pre are Hotmail Integration and MSN Messenger.
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