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    Had a time migrating my contacts so I thought I'd post in case it helps anyone. (not sure if this goes in the Sync section or general but this looks close so..)

    First let me say, there may very well be a much easier way to do this that will make me feel pretty stupid when I hear about it but I did get it to work and here's how.

    First I tried using BT but that's a no go. I could see the Pre on the my old SLVR but got a 'service not supported' error when I tried to connect. The Pre did not see the SLVR at all and I'm left with the impression that BT on the Pre is strictly meant for audio connections.

    Next I used Motorola's phone tools app to sync my SLVR with outlook express which I never use. I of course had to spend several minutes updating the Motorola software since I never use it either.

    Now I was hoping I could just sync Outlook Express with Gmail but I didn't see a direct way to do that.
    Gmail suggested I export my address book to a CSV file but I kept getting an unspecified error in Outlook.

    Finally I just downloaded Thunderbird and imported the contacts to Thunderbird and then immediately exported them to the CSV file I wanted. I then uploaded to Gmail and synced with the Pre.

    As a final irritation I forgot my Gmail password and had to reset that after wasting a good 10 minutes trying to remember and guess.

    This did let me get all my contacts in one Sync. Outlook grabbed my MSN messenger contacts and along with my phone contacts I of course ended up with my Gmail address book.
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    I too tried to get my data synced over from my SLVR L7 to the Pre. The machine they had at the Sprint Store wasn't able to do it, in the end they had to pop the sim card out and copy the data off it. This means I wasn't able to transfer any contacts, photos, etc I had stored in the phone's memory.
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    Wanted to update on this.
    Took me a day to notice but I wasn't quite successful as I thought. The phone numbers transferred not as a number but as a note. So when I go into a contact I want to dial the first time, I have to cut and paste the number from the notes section to the number section. This isn't as obnoxious as it seems as it forces me to flesh out the rest of the contact info like company name and title which in the long run will be nice.

    I should also mention that this did not copy anything else like pictures and such but those are easy enough to pull off the old phone using the software.

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