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    I am dissapointed today because I took my pre back due to the "known" audio issue they have been having and I had a lot of files on my pre and was told that "synergy" will put it all back. And if did, except for the files I had downloaded to it in word, excel formats and my ringers. I know this sounds small but I actually had some very important documents that are now Gone. WebOS just appears to mean that Palm has gotten off the hotsync and gotten on some Web Other S$%T. Im sure I will calm down and I do love my pre but now I feel like I am on a tightrope without a net. I think I want my treo 755 back. Grumble....
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    Synching up to 8GB to the cloud would be difficult to say the least. Your battery would expire faster and bandwidth would be constantly saturated, and the load on sprint and palm's servers would be tremendous. It is for these reasons that the 'usb drive' part of the pre is left to the user to backup. I don't believe palm ever claimed to the contrary. Bummer about your files, though. That has to suck.

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