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    Can the palm profile save contacts and calendar appointments?
    Can I add contact to my palm profile from the PC website?

    I want to use palm profile instead of google.

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    As far as I know, the Palm Profile serves two major functions:

    • To provide a backup service for the device. (For example, if you mess up your phone and restore it with the webOS Doctor, you'd enter your Palm Profile credentials and your data would be restored as before.)
    • To provide a method for remote wiping the device, in the event that it is lost or stolen.

    After a restore, by reentering your Palm Profile credentials your calendars and contacts will be restored, as well as your App Catalog applications. You cannot add contacts from the Palm site; as I stated above, the Palm Profile is not intended for that. The only thing you can do as of now on the Palm site is remote wipe the device.
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    I also checked the palm profle on setting and it had TWO contacts after restore. I think that if I dont add google contacts or calendar and just add contacts manually the palm profile will save thos contacts. So if I hard reset they should be in the palm profile.

    Does that make sense? Because palm profile is backing up contacts that are on the pre BEFORE add google contacts. I beleive the contact on the palm pre profile is sprints numbers.
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    i had the same problem. did a remote wipe and then only 2 contacts from palm profile were available. where did the other numbers go? i didnt back them up because i assumed they were on my cloud.

    please help

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