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    I guess the title's pretty much self-explanatory... which one has the lowest impact on battery life? I know they'll both hit it, but how hard?

    Last night I went from 3:00 until about 9:00pm with some data, AIM and wifi usage and put it on the charger with 60% remaining. I've applied the CPU scaling hack on startup (600 max, 30 threshold). This was with Gmail push enabled (which I believe autosyncs mail, contacts, and calendar at all times, right?)
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    Old post I know, but I am also curious to see if anyone has any real world results from this. I usually have gmail setup to get mail 'as it arrives'. Would setting it up via EAS make any difference to battery drain?
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    Google as EAS is probably better for battery life.

    Normally it syncs Google calendar/contacts separately every 20 minutes, but setup as EAS it can push calendar/contacts using the same connection as email with no additional power usage.
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    I made a post to this as well. My experience is that EAS is way better than the IMAP in the regular Google Setup.
    I tried IMAP a few weeks ago, and with being notified immediately it just drains my battery like hell. Normally I easily go for a day or 1 1/2, but with IMAP it just made it down to the afternoon.
    With EAS on direct notification, I still can go for a day. Nevertheless I turned it down to check every 15 minutes.

    You can also use the Battery Monitor to see the difference between the Setups.

    Some people are also using ModeSwitcher to turn of data and only turn it off every 15 mins to sync, which improves battery life massively.


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