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    i just got a replacement pre after somehow i cracked the screen (phone was in my pocket have no idea how it happened).

    after i got the backup downloaded, i had to relink a bunch of profiles together which was kind of a pain. is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong to have to redo this effort? should i make the palm account the default instead of google contacts?
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    This is a known issue with the Backup app. Several reviews discovered this when they tried to restore.
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    Are web bookmarks restored?
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    Book marks are not restored! Really no program settings are. I don't consider this to be a real backup program. Everytime I reset I have to restore Sprint Nav, Bookmarks, and My Flight information.
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    I know its a little late now, but here it is regardless.
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    I recently decided to reload my phone for the hell of it (done a bunch of mods and the app store wasn't working anymore). I backed up the db file and recopied it when I reloaded the phone. It was fine for a few hours and all the contacts, etc were restored (even speed-dial shortcuts. However, I tried to go the app store and all of a sudden i get an eternal message about being signed out.

    It just gives me an option of either "Just Restart" or "Erase All Data", neither of which will allow me access to anything on the phone. My rooting is still in effect and I can SSH in but the phone has to WebDoctored AGAIN.

    I will keep this thread updated. This time, I will try doing the mods before I update to 1.04.
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    It would appear that you cannot just copy the old database and overwrite the new one. I tried that and it disables my phone if I try to go to the app store. Luckily, this time, I didn't just overwrite, I also backed up my old one and was able to SSH back in and swap them back and reboot and everything was fine again, just no old conversations/linked contacts/etc.

    Is there a way to merge these databases?

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