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    Has anyone figured out what the optimum contact photo size would be for this type of configuration:

    1) I have Outlook 2007 at home and work.
    2) I purchased gSyncit to sync up contact and calendar between Google and both home and work.
    3) Contact and Calendar magically propogate their way down to the Pre.

    Now, when I put in photos in contacts while at work, I didn't even think about the photo size. I synced up to Google, and when the contacts got down to the phone, they were a little distorted, but I could live with that. When I synced to my PC at home, however, it was obvious that Google had really munged up the photos, and they're all very blurry and distorted.

    I figure that this could be solved by adhering to a standard contact photo size, but I can't find anywhere that states what Google wants as a contact size, without really messing things up.

    I guess I *could* transfer all my contact photos to the phone and PC and just fix them normal, but that's one more step in the process that I really don't want to always worry about when adding new contacts.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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