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    After my Pre FORCEFULLY updated itself to 1.0.4 earlier today, I started getting email alerts stating "Login Credentials Rejected". I haven't made any changes to my Yahoo account so I assumed it was on my Pre's settings. I looked it up online and surprisingly found numerous other cases with the same error.

    So, I tried re-entering my password, changing my password, but nothing. I finally went to my Yahoo account on my laptop and actually changed the password. Then I went to the same error page on my Pre, changed the password, worked!

    My question is: if anyone else has tried this, will this permanently fix the problem or will it return with time?
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    I had the issue a few builds ago and was suggested to change my PW to 8 characters or more. I have not had a problem since. Who's to know really? My Comcast mail also gave me the error for 2 hours yesterday but it went away after a soft reset. MY only suggestion, make sure your yahoo PW is 8 characters or more.
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    yes...make your pw 8 characters + and you will be fixed
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    hmmmm interesting.... I've been receiving this error since day 1 and its not consistent. Usually when I tap the error and manually re-enter the pw it works. Unfortunately, I don't have the pleasure of changing the pw cuz its a shared inbox administered by several people. Oh well, I guess I'll have to just live with it.
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    you highlighted forcefully like it was a bad thing. that was silly.
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    I also got this message twice earlier this week & all I did was resubmit the same password.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayzun View Post
    yes...make your pw 8 characters + and you will be fixed
    mine does this a few times a week...since my password is more than 8 characters...I just ignore it & resubmit when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    you highlighted forcefully like it was a bad thing. that was silly.
    I highlighted "forcefully" because, for me, it is a bad thing. Forcing users to update is silly. Alert me 1000 times a day that an update is available. That's reasonable. But what if there is a serious bug/vulnerability in an update? Plus, I wanted to continue installing custom apps by hard working devs and continue supporting the community.

    Anyways, like I said before, it hasn't given me any problems since changing my password so fingers crossed.
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    I had the same issue earlier this week, but after a couple of times of re-entering the password on the Pre I went to Yahoo on my desktop, and realized their server was down. I haven't had any other issues w/ the email except that one.

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