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    Hi there - I've searched all over the forums but haven't found this issue.

    When I reply to an email on my Pre the reply isn't reflected in my outlook inbox (via the arrow). Conversely, when I reply to an email in outlook, the reply arrow isn't synced to the pre. Reminder flags sync just fine, though. This is quite annoying as I can never remember which emails I've already replied to.

    Are others having this issue?
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    yes. it's an issue that i've been experiencing since launch as well. the reply-to arrow will appear for a while after you reply to an email, but will then just disappear. it's another bug that they will have to fix, and fix soon i hope.
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    This is something that EAS wasn't able to successfully sync on the iPhone either and that is because message statuses (replied, forwarded, etc) are stored on the local client (Outlook) and not on the server. So, the server doesn't have anything to push to the Pre in regards to those indicators. Likewise, the server doesn't get anything from the Pre to send to the client.

    Not sure if there are any workarounds for this.
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    So the Flags are stored differently than the arrows?

    I used to have Good Messaging on my 755P and these arrows synced fine through there.
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    Yeah my understanding is that flags are stored separately.

    I never used Good Messaging/Link. Didn't that use some kind of desktop redirector?

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