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    I've searched the forums but can't find a fix. The wife and I have Pre's. We both share the same Google calendar. For a couple days everything works great and then all of the sudden my wife's phone will not synch UP to google calendar. She RECEIVES events from my phone but cannot post new (or edit) events. They don't show up on google calendar even after a manual synch. I can delete the calendar and re add it and the cycle will start all over. It'll work for a few days and then stop. Any ideas? Keep in mind, MY phone has never had a problem with this. It will post and retrieve google events flawlessly.
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    I had an issue with the calendar not syncing with Google and I had to restart the phone before it would work again. Manually sync didn't do it for me.
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    Yes, but I can't reboot her phone every day furthermore she never knows if the events she is creating are actually synching or not until its too late. It *shouldnt* be that way. My phone works great and it is set up the same exact way.
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    I agree you shouldn't have to reboot it. I was just sharing what had worked for me as I wasn't able to pin down any other fix.
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    For the record I notice that the Calendar in the emulator does not sync properly with Google - anyone else?
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    I'm getting towards my witts end with this phone. (not there yet)

    Facebook doesn't sync
    google calendar doesn't always sync right, or dates are skewed
    google contacts sync is 1/2 broken

    I added appointments in this morning in my google calendar, which still haven't shown up even after a manual attempt at a sync.

    We've had 2 updates, yet none have addressed these critical features. Granted they did do a security update on the last one...

    I'm really let down by the horrible lack of caring or lack of Q&A with palm.

    Syncing contacts/calendars should have worked out of the box... period.

    The phone is still very beta at 1.0.4. It is not what a production release should be...

    Palm shut me up and release an update to fix these things... I do find it kind of sad people have come to accept crappy pre-released software as acceptable (Sadly your the ones that make the big wigs think it's OK to do... you put up with it). I'm sure someone will respond "we'll don't be an early adopter if this isn't your cup of tea". Sorry but anyone who says that is an ***** in the circumstance with the palm pre. Early adopters should only suffer from missing future planned features, the device being very basic but functioning as promised. Not broken non-functional features promised in the product at launch... BIG difference there. Beta/Alpha testers get to experience those things, not final end users.

    Palm's Synergy at the moment is more vaporware that actual software. They haven't delivered all of the features promised at launch. It's about that simple.

    Hate to toss the analogy in here, but the contacts/calendar sync is about as important as a transmission on a car.

    Would you accept a brand new car if you had to constantly get out of the car disconnect the battery for 30 seconds to reset the transmissions computer so you can drive? Imagine the day it's pouring rain...

    Lets get real here guys... If I was someone who depended on my calendar and contacts to do my job I would have returned this phone already. Luckily I'm just a geek who likes toys...

    I have faith palm will actually release software sometime soon to make the phone actually function as promised... I hope that comes sooner than later.

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