I got my Pre last night and I'm having trouble setting up Calendar. I have 2 Calendars in Google: Personal and Work. Personal on Google is set up as my default Calendar. I'm running 1.0.4 (updated to it last night).

Here's what's going on:

-I can only create Events by selecting an open time when the view is set to "All." Nothing happens if Calendar is open to a specific account. Is that normal?

- With Personal Google as default, I can create an Event and it shows the proper color. If I tell the Pre to only show Personal Google Events, nothing shows at all. I have to select view All. The same goes for creating an event when Palm Profile is the default; the color is correct, but the event disappears if I tell the Pre to show me only Palm Profile Events. It seems odd that I can create an Event under a profile but can't filter on that profile. Also, if I tell the Pre to included the Work calendar when viewing "All," no events appear...nothing.

- When viewing "All," I see Palm Profile and Google Personal events. When I select the Personal filter, all events remain...even those that should be filtered out. When I flip away from that day and return, all events are gone. If I then select "All," both profile events pop up instantly.

- Google Work calendar is listed as an option on the Pre but no events appear. This might be related to Google rather than Pre. In Google's Calendar Settings, the Work calendar is greyed out under "Show In List" and, while I'm "subscribed" to the Personal calendar, I'm not subscribed to Work for some reason. I'm guessing that might be why no Work Events are showing...

Sorry for such a rambling post but I'm not sure what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.