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    Ive read a few threads and no one seems to have this problem.

    My google contacts works beautifully, i set it up a while ago for when i got my iphone (gasp). I have about 200 names with numbers and email addys all organized nicely. Now when i try to sync the Pre to google contacts, it pulls down about half of them correctly.

    The other half all end up under ONE contact name. Example ill have 60 correct contacts and then John Smith will have over 100 different numbers and emails under that one name. All the names corresponding to those numbers disappears. Google calendar and email sync wonderfully, but i have deleted and resynced the contacts NUMEROUS times and it always keeps happening, just under a different name each time. Can someone help me before i go back to my iphone!!

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    That's a tough one dude. If I had to guess, it sounds like some weird data corruption issue. FYI, I'm a programmer who deals with weird data corruption problems all the time, so I'm not just making stuff up.

    Unfortunately, about all I can do is tell you what I'd do to try to figure it out. From your post, I assume that it syncs correctly with your iPhone. I assume that you where using this: Google Mobile | Sync for your iPhone If so, Google Mobile Sync uses the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol ..... so I would guess other ActiveSync based solution would sync fine too. (more on this later)

    I don't know what protocols Synergy uses with Google Contacts, but I don't think that it is Activesync ... since it pulls in ALL contacts ... and not just "My Contacts." My hunch is that there is probably some weird character or something in one of your contacts that is screwing everything up. I would guess that it is the contact that steals half of your other contacts numbers and email addresses.

    On the day the Pre launched, I wrote up a tutorial on using NuevaSync (free service) to sync my Pre with Google. That product is based on ActiveSync, too. More than like it would successfully for you. You can search this forum for NuevaSync and find it. Or you can go read it on my website: Palm Pre: Only Sync Google “My Contacts”

    Aside from the Nuevasync stuff, this is what I would do based on these assumptions/guesses. I'm putting a lot of extra steps in hear in efforts to minimize the likelihood of messing something up with your account.

    Copy all of your contacts to a new google account for testing purposes only

    1. Go to your Google Contacts ...
    2. Click export and choose the Google CSV option. Save the file to your computer desktop and name it something that you can remember.
    3. Create a new Google Account and import your saved CSV into contacts on the new account

    Ok, now you have something to test with against without worrying about messing your contacts up.

    1. Setup your Pre with your new Google Account. I'm expecting you'll get the same results.
    2. Go to the Google Contacts website and delete the contact that takes over everyone phone/email.
    3. Resync new Google Account with Palm Pre

    Do all of that and post back with your findings. I'm going to subscribe to this thread so I'll be notified when you post.
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    I have this same problem and it is driving me insane. Have you figured anything out yet?
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    Any updates, I am having the same problem
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    OK, update on my issue. I found that the Pre had "linked" multiple contacts together. If looking at the contacts card, you can see multiple stacked icons to the right of the contact name. If I then chose the contact with the multiple links, you can "unlink" those by choosing the multiple cards at the top of the contact name, then individually "unlinking" them.

    Hopefully this helps someone.
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    I still have this problem, and right now i am individually unlinking 100's of people UGH. I have imported and exported my contact list 30 times to no avail. Tried three different gmail accounts. Anyone have any ideas.

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