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    Does anyone know if there is a way to check other hotmail folders on the pre such as my junkmail folder?
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    I don't understand why you can see the Gmail spam folder but not the hotmail junk folder
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    Whats a folder?
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    you cant. gmail and hotmail operate differently. you'll notice that gmail can sync when items arrive, but hotmail is a minimum of 5 minutes.
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    Gotcha. Just curious. I have hotmail set to send only email from contact to my inbox. Everything else goes to junkmail. I check junk every day to make sure I don't miss anything. Be nice to check from the phone without having to go to
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    Ok So I have other folders set up so email goes into individual folder on my computer.. How so I access these on the Pre The options it gives me are Favorites, Inbox, Outbox, trash. sent, drafts.. Any Ideas.. This is with Hotmail MSN
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    im curious on this, as i have this issue with the GSM Pre, has this been fixed in the new updates?
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    As it stands now, synergy with Hotmail isn't as robust as with GMail and Yahoo Mail.

    I just created a "favorite" web link to the mobile Hotmail website log-in page. It's optimized for mobile devices, so it looks clean and uncluttered, and allows you access to all your folders. No, it's not as elegant as accessing everything from the Pre's mail program, but at least you can check all your folders.
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    I googled to see if Microsoft offers a Hotmail API and I couldn't find one. That would explain the basic level of access provided.

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