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    So, I LOVE my Pre and love the Synergy even more.. but I don't like seeing my phonebook packed with bazillion "powerDog" and "xangelsdemonsx" type names. Is there a way I can add multiple IM accounts to be used in "Messaging" App, but not have 'em sync in Phone Book?

    Now I know I can add AIM/Google in messaging, go to phone book preferences, and remove the account from adding contacts... but unfortunately it doesn't get rid of the contacts for me. Yea, it doesn't "add" new contacts, but the ones that get added by the time I get to phone book preferences, that thing is populated with several contacts. Anyway I can tell Pre to deal with Phone Book and IM accounts separately before it starts syncing?
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    In contacts open the left menu choose prefs and accts, check and see if the accounts you would like to remove from contacts are listed there. I assume by removing the account there will not remove them from the messaging app. I know I can remove a IM from messaging and retain the same account in contacts.

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