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    The Yahoo! accounts on my Pre (Email, Contacts, Calendar and Messaging) recently (late December '09 after the webOS 1.3.5 upgrade) started claiming my password was wrong and asking me to re-enter it.

    To resolve this problem, I first removed each of the four Yahoo! accounts from the Pre. Next, I logged into, visited the Acount Info page and deactivated the Linked Sign-In accounts for "Y! Messenger Authentication", "Yahoo! Mail for Sprint/Palm", "Palm Synergy" and "Yahoo! Go". To guard against caching issues on either side, I then restarted the Pre and logged out of Yahoo!

    After restarting the Pre, I then re-added my Yahoo! email address in Email. Interestingly, adding the email automatically creates the other three accounts too (IM, Calendar, Contacts), but deletion required visiting all four apps separately. Yahoo! has been happily working for several hours now without asking for the password.

    Hopefully this helps others having issues with Yahoo!. The key was deactivating the Linked Sign-In accounts from the Yahoo! web site.
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