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    Thanks, disabling GMail through the mail app made a huge difference for me. I went from my phone being almost discharged in the morning to using less than 10% of my battery. This was the biggest impediment to me using this phone, I had thoughts of taking it back to Sprint for a blackberry or something until now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshyz View Post
    Okay so here it is almost 24 hours later and I have to share what I discovered...

    Deleted my Gmail account last night because of the opening threads statement just to see if battery life was extended. Charged up to 100%, unplugged, then did some random things for a bout a half hour before I went to bed, checked status and was still at 100%. (that's a first, it usually starts dropping within 5 minutes of use). Woke up approx. 8 hours later to a VM, calender alert and a few texts and low and behold I'm still at 100%!!! Thought I would never see that even after being idle for that long. Here it is the next night, I did not top off my battery once today and I'm at 62% which isn't bad considering I rocked out to Pandora for over 2 hours (big battery sucker of course), made a few calls, bunch of texts etc. Never thought I could make it through a whole day without topping off at least once. (I've yet to buy a Touchstone so this is nice convenient news for me)

    I still checked my Gmail and Hotmail (mobile versions) about 2-3 times but I used the bookmarks I added to my launcher and am cool with that. To me email is something I check when I feel like it, not something I need to be bothered with randomly all day when I cant address it, that what texts are for, short and to the point. (I know there are plenty of people that feel the same way unless their job requires it) It sure is nice to view email in landscape mode too I must say, especially with images.

    So get rid of that Palm email set-up until they properly address the issue of unnecessarily checking/pushing email, contacts, etc. to our devices and see the battery difference for yourselves...

    P.S. When I had Gmail and 2 Hotmail accounts on my phone it got hot and drained in about 6 hours. I know Hotmail was supposedly the main culprit but now Gmail seems like an issue too. (and I hate how I get mail in there and it throws it in my contacts list! Like I need the tech guy from Pandora on my contact list...)

    Hope this helps those that can check your email when you want and don't need it always coming to you...
    Hello, i saw your post on another thread and i was curious to see if you still using this method of not having an email account setup with the build in client or have you find out any other way of saving battery?
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    I just want it to send gmail from my PRE... I am in the process of moving to the HTC Hero... I hope i get a better UI experience.
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    I think the problem is when the phone goes in/out of data connection (like underground on a subway) or changes from cellular data-connection to WiFi. When it reconnects, it manages to tell the phone sync all of the email accounts even if they are set to "manual" pull.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    how do you send pictures by email if you only use the web app ?
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