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    I get this yellow triangle mark in my inbox ever since the 1.03 update once in a while. Once soft reset it's gone.

    Is there something that is causing this? Something I could do? just live with resetting?
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    I've got the same thing...ever since this morning...anybody found a fix?

    I've tried restarting the palm, no luck.

    I've tried lowering my "show email from 7 days to 3 days)... no luck.

    Other ideas?
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    I had the same problem along with an incorrect count of unread emails. I reloaded the acoount and all has been well since.
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    I've tried reloading my account multiple times, deleting my google account and then readding it. No change.

    Interestingly, I added my yahoo account which I rarely use, and it populated just fine.

    Any other ideas or anyone else experiencing the issue?
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    I don't believe I am having the problem you guys are having but screenshots do work wonders.
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    i had the problem with yahoo mail....i deleted the account...rebooted...then logged in a synced my yahoo email again....seems to have fixed the problem
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    They've got me doing a partial reset....we'll see if that helps.

    to the screenshot requester...I'd be happy to do it, but there isn't much to see....just a yellow triangle next to my inbox mail counter.


    No luck...the pre phone downloads all of the emails that are in my account, but won't download any new emails that are sent to my account...I'm back where I started. The support techs don't seem to have any ideas.

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    After doing a full reset on my device, I learned that this problem is not resolvable by resetting my device (at least until Palm releases an update).

    This may just be one solution to what may be a whole host of things causing the yellow triangle to appear, but here is what I finally figured out (no thanks to the Sprint Tech reps).

    After about 3 days had passed since the problem began, I went in an changed the number of days to sync on the pre's email client, and turned it down to 1 day. Voila! The phone started to sync correctly.

    At this point, I realized that there was a specific email in my inbox causing the problem during the sync. I cranked by "sync days" back up to 2 weeks, and the problem came back. I went to my gmail inbox and began deleting emails from around the time the problem began, one at a time, and checking the pre's sync after every deletion.

    I learned that it was the 5th of 5 emails I received from the Hyatt (booking/cancellation notices) that was causing the problem. Once i moved it to my trash, the pre had no trouble downloading my mail for the previous 30 days.

    I don't know what the source of the problem is. Perhaps it was that it was 5 emails from the same source, perhaps there was something strange with the timestamp causing the IMAP routine to flake out. The email was not large in KB, so I don't think that is the problem.

    I reported back to Sprint and detailed out the problem, so hopefully they will roll the issue into the next update. In my mind it is unacceptable for the Pre email client to be so sensitive.

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