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    Even though I've set Hotmail on manual fetch, or even every 24 hours, it's still fetching emails on its own ... I decided to remove my hotmail account (it's a secondary email accnt) and just log in through the web browser for checking email with this account.
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    I had this issue and to fix it I set to retrieve every 12 hours. I can still manually fetch and twice a day fetch isn't a battery drain.
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    Yes Hotmail and the Pre do not work well together. Issues of battery heat and over-usage were blamed on Hotmail not responding to 5 min - manual options and constantly trying to tap into the Pre. Set up a Gmail and have that pull your Hotmail through that route. My battery life has been much better since I got rid of 2 Hotmail accounts on my phone. I emailed Hotmail support forum about denying or confirming this issue and still no response...
    I like Gmail now that I'm use to it. The Pre is set up for it as far as syncing your calendar and contacts and works great. Having an email shortcut icon on my phone and not having to log in every time is something I don't want to give up.
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    Yeah. I'm not too worried about hotmail because i use gmail as my main account. In any event, I signed into my hotmail account through the browser and then added the page to my launch bar (without signing out). It's actually just as quick ... the only difference being the functionality of using the email app vs. email through a browser. No biggie, though. Sure would be nice, however, if someone at Palm and/or MSN would figure out the problem.

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