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    Here's the latest with MS:

    The Missing Sync™ for Palm PrPrPr&#$275$;
    1.0.0 BETA (28)

    Version 1.0.0 (28) Release Notes

    Changes from version 1.0.0BETA (27) include:

    • System requirements changed to require Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.6 or higher).

    • Synchronizing selected calendars now syncs just those calendars (previously all calendars were being synced).

    • Selecting a date range in the Calendar plugin now only syncs events within the defined dates.

    Known Issues:

    • Changing a timed event on the Pre to a repeating event will result in an error during the next sync. This is a known Palm Pre bug that we have reported to Palm. The work around is to edit the event on the computer instead.

    ▪ Read only calendars will sync to the Pre and create a duplicate calendar in iCal that is read/write.

    For me this version seems to be working better then Beta 27. I can specify ranges of the Calendar sync, and it works. Also, by specifying the Calendar sync date range, I now open the Pre Calendar MUCH faster ( was at 6-7 seconds to open in Day view, now at 3 seconds). So far, so good. Syncing Contacts also works well in Beta 28, but it also worked well for me in Beta 27 before.
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    Forgot to mention, in order to update MS, you do it on your Mac, not the Pre.

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