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    Wheb on facebook on my pre, I go to the full site, not the original bookmark. When on the site, the facebook 'toolbar' or whatevery you want to call it (the bar that is supposed to be at the bottom of the screen with fb chat and the applications) will not move as I scroll. In turn, it stays in the middle of the page and always blocks a line of text that I can't read. Does this happen with everyone? Any way to fix this?
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    this happens to me, though, the bar is fully functional.
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    The bar is functional for me too, but it does not move when I scroll so it always blocks a line of text. I should be able to scroll to a different point so the bar will move so I can read the text, but the bar doesn't move
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    Was wondering about this as well..
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    Same thing happens on MySpace... or any other site that has an object that moves as you scroll.

    I suppose the webkit browser can't handle this. Good thing too, otherwise we couldn't use the toolbar, being on the bottom of the screen.
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    Wish it were more functional
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    When I log into facebook via Phone bookmark I log in & it does not show anything that was newly added to my FB, but when I launch full web page it shows normal why wont the PRE FB page load my account correctly?
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    The FB web kit seems useless it doesn't even show show activity on my accoun
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    It does this on mine as well. It is most likely caused by a CSS styling method for placing a footer that works well in desktop browsers, but does not translate well for WebKit browsers.

    FB would have probably have to redefine the CSS for it to work correctly.
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