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    Is the data transfer assistant intended to be only a one time transfer. I want to keep the data on both my computer and my pre. I just want to the new data to be updated, and not multiple duplications of the old info on the contact list and the calender
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    Bought my Pre last Thursday and was told Contacts were transferred form Centro to Pre. Much to my chagrin discovered Friday night that only A's" and"B's" from my Significant Centro Contact List had been Transferred!!! Today visited the Corporate Store where it was purchased and told a first not a problem, but 30 minutes later was told they couldn't do it. Don't understand why they can do "A's" and "B's" and not the rest. Called Sprint CS and got thru to Advanced Technical Support who explained to me that Centro was on a Hot Sync format and that Pre was a Data Transfer Assistant Format and they would send me a link via email to make that happen. Got home from Corporate Store and no link via email.

    What kind of "Ready Now" Customer/Technical Suport is this ???!!!!

    I'm not going to transfer 400 Contacts, manually to my Pre. What really gets me is that they knew all along that there was a problem with this transfer and didn't say a word.

    Like the way Pre feels, having to go thru a learning curve, which is ok, but not transferring 400 contacts via hand.

    It may be back to the Centro. Just can't keep my customer base waintig to communicate til they all get manually transferred.

    Anyone know of a solution, quick!
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    Thanks for all your suggestions and help! I went to a Srpint Repair Center today and they transferred ALL (532) my contacts from Centro to Pre in about 7 minutes!! Don't understand how Corporate Store CSR's who are supposedly trained to do this when you buy a phone and the Advanced Technical Support folks at the Phone Centers are so misinformed and or non informed. That is a total of 6 Sprint Employees that I dealt with before I got to the 7th who did a great job!!!!

    Really would like to see Sprint and Palm make it, but their "Ready Now Program" has failed to reach a vast majority of their face to the world.

    Thanks again.
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    Yes, the Data Transfer wizard is a ONE time only transfer. It says so on the webpage.

    Be careful, though. There has been syncing issues (some categories going into the wrong place).

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