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    Is it possiabe to sync and keep both the palm and my ical on my mac up to date? The pre does not seem to work with the palm desktop software at all so that option is out too. Is google calander my only choice? If google is the only way does anybody know how to transfer ical to google( they look like they are only windows friendly). Any help anyone.


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    you can sync the pre over the air with gcal, and gcal in turn will sync with ical. Its very mac-friendly and works well. Just browse the help in GCal.
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    Go to Palm site. There is a Data Transfer Assistant for transferring iCal and Contacts. Just download and install the app, then transfer via USB cable. When download complete upload to Google then the will stay sync'd. Hope this helps.
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    I use ical to sync with google and the pre.

    Syncing Google Calendar With iCal
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    You can use the Missing Sync to sync up Address Book and iCal with your Pre. For now it's free (since it's in beta). The only caveat right now is that you need your Mac and Pre to be on the same WiFi network.

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