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    Help! I can't get my Exchange calendar info to sync at all. Fought with the unsigned SSL issue at first, finally got that resolved and got my Exchange e-mail and contacts to sync just fine, but calendar won't ever sync.

    Exchange calendar shows up under Calendar "preferences & accounts," and is selected to display under All Calendars, but when displaying calendar, when you select "All" or individual calendars, Exchange doesn't even show up in that list... all that's there is the Palm Profile and my Google calendars.

    I went to the Palm website and found the troubleshooting article for this and followed the steps in order as instructed - the last one being 'delete Exchange account and re-enter it' - have done that twice and still end up with the same result.

    ANY IDEAS??? The ability to carry multiple Exchange calendars is the ONLY reason I bought this phone (and changed plans) in the first place! Sooooo frustrated!
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    I have the same issue. My Touch and laptop sync just fine but it won't push out to my pre and the pre won't push back to server? Any ideas?
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    I am having the same problem everything was working fine then about three weeks ago, Outlook Calendar just stopped working....ANY IDEAS

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