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    Hi, Is anyone here using Mark/Space's Missing Sync for the Pre and Mac OS X?

    I've tried it and while I finally got it to work, it seems pretty confusing.

    Palm's built in back up is pretty neat, but doesn't provide with Sync of your desktop computer. It requires that all your contacts be in the "Palm" account.

    If you want to Sync all your contacts with your Mac Desktop, they have to be in the "Missing Sync" account so then they won't backup with Palm Backup.

    To use both Palm Back up and Missing Sync (to sync with my Mac Desktop) I had to Sync 2 different accounts, one account "Palm" for Palm Backup and another account, "Missing Sync" for desktop sync.

    When I got them both to work, I wound up with Duplicates of almost all of my 6500 contacts.

    Is there an easier way to do this? Am I missing something? Thanks!

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