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    Hi all. I got my pre a few days ago and am loving it. I had a question about syncing with facebook though. After the initial contact sync, I added more friends. These friends are not showing up, even when I go to contacts and manually press sync. Is there any way to get these new contacts to sync? Will they show up eventually? Thanks.
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    I think this is a bug. Do a quick search and you'll find that it's not working for quite a few folks.
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    It seems like the Pre will not add them until they update their status. Once they do they show right up in your Pre contacts.

    Definitely a bug
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    I thought it only updated automatically once a day?
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    That sucks. Hopefully they fix this soon. Thanks for the answers.
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    i think something other than the status updates are triggering the new friend push from facebook, as i have several i added last week and only 2 are showing up in the contacts now, and most if not all are active users of fb and update all the time.

    quite irritating bug, but maybe one that can be homebrew fixed?
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    this thread is pretty old but i suspect i am suffering from the behaviour right now, since i am on fb since a couple of days now.

    is there any known workaround or update to the issue? thanks
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    I noiced something similar after re-doctoring. For me, delete the facebook account, reseting, re adding facebook then syncing accounts did the trick.
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    thanks for the info. hm deleting the account would eliminate all the linked in fb profiles and after re-adding the account all the manual linking of exchange server profiles to fb profiles i did before are lost. (right?)

    so is there another trick just to trigger down sync of friend list delta?

    i mean... this is part of the synergy core feature of webos, palm sells it since years and being stuck with a frozen profile list in my eyes makes the whole feature kind of absurd. i know it kind of works in many cases for many people but someone that actually really wants to do something with it realizes that he cannot rely on it
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    oki found a way to trigger a sync, at least it worked right now:

    i went into webos contacts, then settings and accounts, there showed up facebook, clicked it, password fiels was empty so i filled it and pushed login button, a proper status message appeared that indicated the sync in progress, when done the correct number of fb contacts showed up and all recently added friends showed up in universal search.

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    FB contacts are not syncing on my Pre. I noticed this yesterday when it was only showing 423 or 460 FB contacts. I removed FB account from ALL apps (contacts, calendar, photos, etc.), rebooted, re-added FB contact account and now only 2 contacts are showing up. Thoughts???
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    This is completely random. It adds new people slowly, but none of their pictures - ever (for me at least.) It has 13 less people on the Pre than I have on the account, no matter who else is added, and even though new people do pop up on the phone - the #'s are never even. No manual sync really does anything - only removing/re adding which like someone says removes the links. Ugh!

    Anyone know if this a FB or HP/Palm issue?

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