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    I have searched on this for the past 2 days and played with it trying to understand why my pre (running 1.0.3) won't sync to kerio exchange EAS (clone of ms exchange). I have read several reports of people claiming it works, others saying it sortta works but doesn't resync etc etc. However I can't get anything, and just now discovered the following in the kerio warning log files:

    The device 'Palm' isn't supported in this version

    This is kerio 6.7.0 patch 1. Anyone else with kerio able to weigh in on this working or not?
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    To help other kerio users in my situation, it appears I was correct. I have hotpatched in Palm instead of the iPod device type and now my pre syncs perfectly with kerio. This will only help you if you run your own server. Once kerio updates all should be good. The issue is not on palm's side however.
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    Can you give more detail on how you modified Kerio. Where are the device types located?

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