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    I have an email with a pdf attached and I appear to have downloaded the pdf no problem (progress bar zoomed across in 20 secs or so) but when I open pdf viewer it's not there. Haven't been by a computer to check there. What am I missing?
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    Yea, so here's the deal. It's the stupidest thing I've seen in a Phone usability, but then again... many people like this, so it may be just personal preference.

    Here's how to use it the Palm way:

    - Open Email
    - click on the pdf attachment
    //this will start the progress bar and "download" the pdf
    - now click on the attachment AGAIN in the email to open it!
    //PDF will open now!
    //at this point pdf is still not "downloaded" and available in pdf viewer
    - to get the opened PDF in your phone, Open "PDF View" menu and click on "Save As"
    - save it with whatever name
    //at this point, the pdf has downloaded and is available in PDF Viewer

    Hope this helped.
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    When I try to open a pdf attachment I get an error saying "error downloading file, Server reports: Read Timed out. I am using gmail. Any thoughts? Before I was getting an error that there was saying the pre didn't know how to handle the attachment.

    edit. I got the pdf to download, but it doesn't show up in the pdf reader list. How do I access it? Is it store somewhere specific. I thought the pre just scanned all the files.
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    I've gotten some PDF's to work, and some don't. I thought that the 1.0.4 update fixed the problem, but apparently it didn't, as there is one PDF I get on a daily basis that I can't read. However, if I extract the PDF from my regular Outlook email and transfer it to the phone, I can read it fine. Here's the error I get:

    I really wish they would fix this, as it would be a great thing to have for my job - this is a nightly PDF report from the system operators on how long certain processes took.
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    I try to open a pdf and I get a message saying " cannot find a program to open this file". I'm at a lose.
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    There is definately a problem with certain versions of pdfs not working in the pdf viewer.

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