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    Not sure if anyone has done this, but I have been quite successful at it and makes things very easy.

    I use a program called Sync Toy, which is a Microsoft Powertoy. or

    When I plug my pre into the computer (USB option), I copied all the folders into a another folder on my computer. I then tell this program to synchronize between both folders. This way, I have a backup of my Pre's folders.

    What this also allows me to do, is drop wallpapers, music, movies, and other documents into the folders on my computer and at my next sync, gets this stuff on my Palm Pre. Works beautifully. In fact, my Pre had to get replaced (because of the close slider, shutdown issue), and before I returned it, I did this backup. I am glad I did. Even though the Pre's backup worked just about flawlessly when activating my new Pre, it did not do pictures and such. I did the sync when I got home and I was back in business.

    Just a thought for you all!

    By the way, this site rocks!

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    Mikeharden, Can you give me some details on how you did the Pre's files when there are multiples.
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    That is Awesome! Thanks for the tip man! I'm gonna do this as soon as I get home. Been looking for something like this for some time now. DoubleTwist was too much work, and I don't want everything to have "social"-blahblah. (It's at a point when I'd be annoyed by a software simply because it has "social" features)
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    First I plugged in the Pre to the computer and selected USB on the Pre.

    I then created a New Folder on the computer called ("My Pre").

    My computer assigns the Pre as the e: drive. I went to the Pre drive and selected all the files and folders and copied them to the "My Pre" folder.

    Now I have a copy of all the media files on my Pre, on my computer.

    I startup Sync Toy (2.0) and "Create New Folder Pair"

    On the Left Folder I browse to the Pre (e drive) and on the Right Folder I browse to the "My Pre" Folder.

    I keep the button on "Synchronize"

    I name it Palm Pre

    Click Preview to check out what it is going to sync. Since you created a copy, it should be sync'd and nothing should show. If it does, it could because of dates.

    Run to sync any files it needs to. Now you have a sync between the Folder on your computer and the Pre.

    Now thats its all setup, all I do now is drop the files I want into the My Pre folder. Wallpapers I find off the net, Music, Movies I encode, etc...

    I plug in the Pre, and startup SyncToy, and Run!


    I created Folders in the My Pre folder called,"Documents" "Movies", "Music", "Pictures", and "Videos".

    Within the Pictures folder I created a folder called "Contacts", which holds only the pictures I assigned to my contacts.

    When you do a sync, the folders will be created on the Pre.

    Hope that helps!

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    GREAT IDEA! I have a similar sync program that I used a few years back. This would come in handy to backup the pics taken with the Pre. Kudos!
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    Great idea. I have used SyncToy before, but never even considered it for this purpose.
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    Great idea! I just setup a sync with Chronosync on my Mac. Plug in the Pre, hit USb and it will automatically sync the media, photos etc. I don't use iphoto or iTunes.
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    Thank You Very Much Mikie for the directions.
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    Great idea. I had syncToy in the past for my UX 180 laptop but never used it. I just backed up my Pre and feel ultra secure now.

    On another note, I love my Pre and prodded my husband into trying the Pre at Sprint (okay, I love my husband too, but he wasn't touching my Pre). Anyway, I'll set up the backup for his Pre on his PC and surprise him. BTW, we went to lunch, after picking up his Pre, and he barely touched his food. He was bonding with the Pre until 2 a.m. this morning.

    I think he loves his Pre too.
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    This is a great find and help. Thanks a mil!
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    Great Suggestion! I'm off to find SyncToy! =D
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    Great tip.

    Wish I read this before I swapped my Pre.
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    Great suggestion! I have BeyondCompare, so I'll set it up for the same job.
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    What would be the advantage of downloading an additional program on the computer that will sync files versus simply plugging in as USB drive, copying/pasting files from Palm Pre into a designated folder in your pc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by qbngator View Post
    What would be the advantage of downloading an additional program on the computer that will sync files versus simply plugging in as USB drive, copying/pasting files from Palm Pre into a designated folder in your pc?
    None, if you are only going one way (from your Pre to the computer). The OP was using it as a two way sync, so he could drop files into the computer-based folder as he found them, then they would sync to the Pre later.
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    Any way this could backup your Pre's bookmarks?
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    Originally posted by leipsic83:
    Any way this could backup your Pre's bookmarks?
    It's my understanding that it does, but if you'd like to be on the safe side, you can always use the mobile version of Xmarks and make a mobile sites folder with all of your bookmarks.
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    This is all pretty useful information. Is there a way to get this featured on the main page of precentral? Can we throw out requests?
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    I never heard of this program but it sounds great, and a solution to backing things up on my desktop for safekeping. I have been trying to use companionlink without success....very frustrating. Will this sync both ways then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    Will this sync both ways then?
    I was curious on this as well. Just to clarify, are you asking if you save something on your pre will it sync to your computer?
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