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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisco440 View Post
    Doesn't sprint provide a web back-up of the palm pre?
    this service did not work for me at all i lost over 200 contacts , a bunch of pics and it saved no mods or hombrew apps whatsoever so i would not rely on it if i were you lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by toli81 View Post
    does this save your contact info, message database, and calendar data?
    no it does not sorry
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    Can someone detail the way to use Xmarks to backup from my Pre? I may have missed it but haven't seen instructions here or on the xmarks site for how to sync to the mobile folder.

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    Does anyone know if this backs up the contacts as well? The latest update messed up my phone and I need to wipe it. Just looking for a trustworthy way to backup my contacts without manually moving them to my google contacts.
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    Since the update to 1.3.5 the palm profile will no longer save downloaded apps, they're now saved to the USB. Does anyone know how to backup your apps so you don't have to download them again? They don't show up in the USB directory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emajy View Post
    Great idea! I just setup a sync with Chronosync on my Mac. Plug in the Pre, hit USb and it will automatically sync the media, photos etc. I don't use iphoto or iTunes.
    Is there a free tool for the Mac? I noticed the Chronosync was $40.00. I don't mind paying that much, but just wanting to ask if there was something either for free or cheaper for a Mac??
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    Quote Originally Posted by alaker View Post
    Is there a free tool for the Mac?
    Try either a bat or hammer.
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    Nothing free.
    Love my Pre!!!!! Psn: tj501
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    Will synctoy also sync text messages from one pre to another? I need to swwap out my Pre and need to be sure since I have critical texts that I'd like to keep.
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    I downloaded sync toy but haven't got the hang of it.
    I went from palm centro to pre plus. I migrated addresses, memos and calendar to pre phone from my desktop. I need an way to back these up going forward.
    A bonus would be getting my photos from the centro desktop application to the new backup destination.
    Can you help me? thanks
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    I'm using synctoy 2.1 with my Pre and Windows XP.

    I get errors from files in the Pre .palm directory which are of the form =2H2ES=, with very deep directories causing synctoy to complain that the filenames/paths are too long.

    Anyone else get these errors and have a solution? What uses these files?

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