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    I searched forums and couldn't find an appropriate place to post this, so thought I'd create a new thread. Thanks to the folks at Companionlink Software we can now sync Outlook Notes to the Pre! The only drawback would appear to be it doesn't sync them to the Memos ap, instead it syncs them to the Contacts ap, but I've tried this and I actually like it. You can use universal search to find memos, which I find incredibly useful! And the memos are distinguished from the contacts by a |M| header, so you can easily tell which is which in the contacts list and in the universal search results.

    Some bullet points provided by the fantastic support folks at Companionlink:

    * Memos sync to Google as contacts. The contact name field in Google will use the format: |M| <memo title> |M|. The body of the memo is placed in the Google contact note field.

    * Memos are disabled by default. You can enable them under the Applications tab in the CL config wizard.

    * P&R works independently for contacts and memos; e.g. if your P&R the memos conduit only, then only Google contacts that are formatted as memos will be purged. Regular Google contacts will be ignored.

    The download link for the update is on the companionlink website (which apparantly I can't post here as I haven't made enough posts on this forum).

    For those of us who rely on our Outlook notes for business, this is fantastic. Thanks CompanionLink for quickly addressing this glitch! I was 99% in love with my Pre before, now I'm 100% in love!
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    the memos b contacts? i need them all in oneplace

    i use evernote right now to sync task list and notes (memos)

    i use pocker mirror to sync contacts and calendar, just doesnt sync contact pics yet
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    how do you sync notes to evernote?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    how do you sync notes to evernote?
    im sorry i dont sync notes from outlook
    i just mean to say i use evernotes to sync my pre using the evernote desktop note application
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    What's great is that you can import onenote notebooks into evernote ^_^ The big problem with it though is it doesn't cache anything on your phone, so you have to have internet access and login everytime you want to read your notes =[
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    I just noticed that when I begin an email on my Pre it syncs as a draft on the GMAIL server. Then I can edit that on a PC, and save the draft. This could go on indefinitely, I'm assuming. So that is one of the best sync'able note systems I've found on the Pre.

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