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    Hi All,
    My memos are in Outlook, not Palm Desktop. Plus, I run on Vista x64 (but have Palm Desktop with from my Treo 700p via Bluetooth through a work-around for 64-bit). How can I get my memos from Outlook to my Pre? Thanks,
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    Bump! Anyone?
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    Install Evernote on your desktop Remember Everything. | Evernote Corporation and then start Outlook, select all you notes, then click on "Add to Evernote"

    Now on your Pre download from the App Catalog "Evernote". Vola, all your notes will be on your Pre and any other device with an Internet connection. All for free.
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    Not quite what I had in mind, but... this works! And a cool app to learn about. Thanks - I'll put you to 40 "Thanks"!

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