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    As someone who had to wait until July 1st for my full upgrade eligability, I have yet to get my Pre, but am now less than a week away! The last few weeks have felt like an eternity, but it has been a good time to get my accessories, do my full research, keep up with the forums, etc. etc.

    So, with less than a week away, I have a question for everyone that I have yet to find an easy answer for on the forums.

    I have been a treo user since 2003 when I got the Treo 600, and then upgraded to the 755p in 2007. So, needles to say, I have a LOT of historical data in my calendar and (to a lesser extent) memos. Also, I have used my Palms as my PIM device for all my contacts and is my main calendar. I do not use google calendar or keep contacts or memos anywhere else in the "cloud". I use Yahoo email (not gmail), and I do not use any kind of exchange email either (my company is on Lotus Notes).

    So, with the pre, what are the pros or cons of just using the "palm profile" vs trying to use the google synergy feature? Do you lose functionality by having the contacts as google contacts (e.g. not in navigation? can you edit on the pre itself?, etc)? What do you gain?

    I am trying to keep this as simple as possible, but always want to know the best method of setting up the device.

    Any thoughts?

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    It's likely that yahoo syncing will happen at some point, but it's really a lot nicer if you have some place to sync that's in the cloud. But it will work just fine if you add contacts locally. If you want to do syncing, you'll need to look at something like the Missing Sync which is just now showing up.
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    I prefer using google contacts over the palm profile because I find it very convenient to have my information in the cloud. I know other people, usually those who use their phone for business, are opposed to this. It really comes down to whether or not you want things in the cloud. However, google contacts is notoriously known for having very limited fields in their contacts, so there's no "nickname" or "birthday" field. On my old dumbphone, I had lots of nicknames for people's numbers. What's worked best for me is having my palm profile be a carbon copy of my gmail contacts, with having my new contacts saved to gmail. Anything redundant still shows up as only one entry, one of the great benefits of the Pre! :-D
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    I started out with google, but switched to palm. I like the extra fields in palm also and didn't want to have to go through and reformat all my contacts so sprint navigator would read them. I only have a little over 100 but I would have to edit for third time as when I did an import from palm desktop to google, it added a number that didnt have a name to it to almost all the contacts, it had extra characters, and the note info was off. By the time you get your pre they will probably have ironed out even more issues. At the least I cleaned up all my contacts, and can still access google contacts if I need them. I still use google for email, tho.
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