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    Done a bit of looking and can't find any help so I figured it was time to post. I work at a small company, <50 employees, and we have 1 exchange server handling all our mail (in and out). This is . A co-worker has an iphone setup using IMAP that works fine. I've done my best to copy his settings and tried every variant I can think of but to no avail.

    My settings are


    mail server
    username: myname (though I have tried as well as the in office domain i.e. COMPANYNAME\myname)
    password: ******
    port: 993
    encryption: SSL

    use authentication: on
    username: same as above
    password: same as above
    port: 465
    encryption: ssl

    I have full control of my exchange server so if anyone know what might need to be changed on there I can check settings on that end as well.

    Right now when i click "sign in" i get the error "Unable to validate account settings."

    Also the only setting he has that I can't replicate is authentication is set to NTML. Our mail server uses our office domain server for login information. Not sure if there is a way to make the pre do this or not.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    What do the Exchange server logs say about the attempted connection?
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    I actually can't find any instance of my username in the server log.

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