I had to return my 1st Pre after the screen got stock open and would no longer slide shut but after receiving the new phone and logging in to the Palm Profile to restore all the backed up information I noticed that many, probably all, of my phone contacts have duplicates. Some of them seemed to have linked themselves together automatically while the others are seen twice in the contacts list. It only did it for phone numbers though and not email addresses so not EVERY contact has a duplicate.

Is there anyway to fix this without manually going through and deleting every other phone number in my contacts??? It looks like my last backup was at 10:30pm last night which was a few hours after I got my new phone so I'd assume all duplicated have been backed up unfortunately. Also, I have my contacts preferences set to default new contacts to Google if that makes any difference?? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Side Note: Could it have been when the Sprint store transferred over my pictures and other files they transferred over phone contacts again as well?