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    I have this problem with Gmail alone.
    To a lesser extent, it happened before the update as well. I may go all day with no notifications, then gmail will push 9 emails in a 2 minute time span.

    happens whether it's charging or not.
    apps installed: accuweather, pandora and fandango
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    Not sure if this will help, but very oddly I can only get Exchange Notifications pushed to me if the notification is turned OFF. I have the sound ON, but he visual (envelope) turned OFF, with emails set for "as they arrive".

    Simply put, the notification ON/OFF switch appears to be backwards, like a faucet with it's hot and cold knobs on the the wrong damn sides.

    Also, I found that installing Exchange first (before Yahoo or Gmail) and as the primary account didn't seem to help--but that is part of my set up if it happens to matter.
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