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    I have tried unsuccessfully to import Thunderbird contacts into Gmail:
    1. Export Thunderbird CSV
    2. Import into Gmail
    3. All the contacts (300+)
    The name column lists each contact as (unnamed contact)
    If you click on one, the notes section shows the information.

    I have searched this forum and did a google search without any luck. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    How do you do this,

    "Open a shell and change to the directory where you saved your CSV. Run the following command:

    echo First Name,Last Name,Email Address > toImport.csv ; cat myExport.csv |cut -d, -f1,2,5 >>toImport.csv?"

    I don't know what a shell is
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    1. Export CSV from Thunderbird to desk top (so you can find it easily)
    2. Copy three colums with names and address
    3.Paste in new excel spread sheet
    4 Rename column with Email addresses, Email Address
    5. Save new file as a CSV file (not workbook). use pop up menu to find extension
    6. Open Gmail, contacts, on top right click import.
    7. Browse your computer to your desktop to find your new saved contacts .CSV file
    8. click import

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