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    I just partial-wiped and then restored my Pre to fix my Palm Profile still having my temporary number stored in it. I hit some issues that surprised me.

    After the wipe, it asks you to login to your profile again. It then tries to restore over the cell network. There is no option to input a wifi base to connect to.

    I have basically no Sprint service at my home, but I do have an Airave. The restore failed several times trying to use EVDO before it finally settled for the 1x the Airave provides. As you might expect, restore took a while.

    It would be nice if there was a way to connect wifi before starting restore.

    What Palm stores in your profile is...odd. It's almost like they just flipped coins when choosing:

    Calendar items: Yes
    Tasks: No (actually yes, but slow?)
    Memos: Yes
    Web bookmarks: No
    Email settings: Yes
    Bluetooth and wifi settings: No
    GPS favorites and locations: No

    It restored most of my apps (SplashID vanished, probably because I downloaded the version they later pulled), but no app data. Note that this means if the app doesn't have some sort of internal backup of its own, then the data is forever gone. Yes, that includes all your SplashID accounts.

    Classic came back but initially refused to show the apps stored in the USB area (which isn't cleared by a partial wipe). After 3-4 reloads, suddenly they were there.

    I'm not sure how they decided that calendars and memos should be restored, but not tasks. Or why it shouldn't keep your wifi and bluetooth devices.

    Edit: My tasks eventually reappeared. They weren't there right after the restore...

    My mail account settings were restored, but I no longer had the 'All Inboxes' smart folder. Toggling the setting didn't recreate it. A restart of the Pre did.

    I had stored some more numbers for Sprint under the Sprint Customer Service contact entry. Those were gone with just the default *2 remaining.

    The Pre really needs a true backup app that gets everything. To the cloud if possible (and secured), to the USB drive at worst. But somewhere. People store too much critical information on their PDAs, and Murphy says it's going to crash while you're far from home.

    How should it be? I just fired up Classic, ran Resco Backup, restored my latest backup from the USB, and moments later my Classic environment was fully restored. It should be this simple for everything on the Pre too.
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    I agree there are a lot of things to improve on the Palm Backup, but to Palm's credit, out of the 3 (google, facebook, exchange), its the Palm Profile which will provide the most complete backup. THat is primarily the reason why the Palm Profile has become my default PIM manager.
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    I had the same experience as you and not having All Inboxes had me pretty frustrated until I found your thread, restarted the phone and got the folder back. Thank you.
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    Thank you for this post. I was also having the missing "all inbox" issue and it was almost impossible to find in a quick google search or even a search using this forums search function.

    In fact, I've experienced everything you listed, ever since I did a partial wipe. Hopefully we'll get a better syncing solution soon.
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    Hi all. I belive that one of the reasons that palm doesn't have the WiFi enabled before you load your palm profile is in the case of theft/lost phone. Part of their security is to grand zero access to anything but activating your phone through the carrier connection and then sign-in with an existing or new Palm profile - all other functionality is shutdown.

    It's just a part of the security. HOWEVER - they should let you enable it if you sign-in first with your Palm profile credentials.

    I recently had my phone stolen, so that's why I have this POV. I don't want the ******* to be able to do anything on that phone but admire the slick screen and overall awesomeness of its' design. The thought of them evening obtaining a wi-fi connection and doing nothing else makes me very angry. THIEFS!

    Also, i'm in the process of restoring my palm profile and it's been at least 35 minutes already on a EVDO connection - is that too long? The progress bar was moving smoothly, but it's been hung up 3/4 the way through for 20 minutes now.
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    I just got a new Pre due to hardware issues with my first one. I read on here that if the webOS versions are different there will be problems so I made a new fake profile to start up the first time. It had 1.1.0 so I updated it to 1.3.1 which is what my broken phone was at. When I restarted it I used my original Palm Profile and only got 58 of my contacts. It looks like everything else came back but I lost about 2/3 of my contacts. I don't know if I should try to restart it and try again or what.

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