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    My battery drain has be very bad. What has solved it for me (so far today) has been the removal of two Gmail accounts I had. From 8AM to 2 PM. Slight call usage. Turned off Wifi to force evdo. Brief evdo access. Several texts. Down 8% to 92%. Way better than I had been experiencing.

    I had my suspicions that a what looks to be a standard IMAP connection for Email was going to be bad on the battery. Looks like it is the case.

    Palm or Sprint really needs to come up with a notification based Email system like Blackberry and the old Spring Mobile Email system uses. There is no internet data transmitted between the phone and the internet until:
    1) the phone is notified there is an Email (in the case of Sprint Mobile Email this is done by a hidden text message. I'm not sure how Blackberry does it) or
    2) The phone user initiates a command to send an Email or sync with server.

    In this system there is no data transmitted or extra battery drain until necessary.

    I hope Palm or Sprint come up with a better solution. Bring back an updated Sprint Mobile Email?? Maybe not but Sprint or Palm should talk to Seven (the makers of SME) to see if there is a better solution.

    Sprint or Palm could say.. Delay getting the messages for 30 min or an hour. Not a very good email solution when Blackberrys get notifications usually within seconds.
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    Have you tried using the settings for your accounts to get messages every 30 minutes? That's why they are there. I'll keep my 3 primary email accounts set to immediate delivery, since that's what I need.
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    Why are you people using E-mail as an equivalent for instant messages?

    At least in my circles, E-mail is the sort of thing that you check periodically, not watch like a hawk for messages to come in and deal with them immediately.

    If you need people to reach you right now, wouldn't an SMS or IM make more sense?

    Just wondering...
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    Mine are software support emails - I try to respond appropriately so that customers aren't left to hit up our emergency support, which does alert the on-call person via SMS. Certainly in the middle of the night we're not responding unless it's an emergency, but otherwise, I want to know when I've received a support request.
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    well, I just tried something today. I deleted my gmail account on my phone, and then re-added it. my average drain with minimal use, went from 8.5% per hour, to only 3.7% per hour.

    I did make a few other changes, and I don't know if these had any effect. I changed it from "as items arrive" to every 15 minutes. I also disabled the gmail labs feature of advanced IMAP settings.

    I don't know which thing did it, but I am very pleased with the results.
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    I have some issues with my battery and I too have mine set to notify as items arrive, I haven't played with the settings too much but will set them on 15 or 30 minutes and see how that helps out the battery
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    I thought "as items arrived" took pre checking for new mail out of the equation and left it to the mail server to push the new mail the pre. Thus saving battery.
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    I love push on the Pre; I get emails faster on the Pre than on Gmail (browser-based gmail, that is)

    Sure, its no more than a few seconds to a few minutes, but still its pretty darn cool.

    The "removing then adding gmail" trick, I'm tempted to try, but not sure how or if this would work. Anyone willing to do an independent test of this?
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    FOR 3-4 TIMES THE BATTERY LIFE: Turn off USE GPS in the launcher ---> Location services menu. I was charging my phone every 6-8 hours. Now I can go 24hrs+ depending on usage. Hope this helps. By the way. Sprint navigation and google map directions dont work very well with GPS off. Just remeber to turn the USE GPS back on when you need to.
    Update: I just turned my GPS back on full time to see if it was the GPS or if i just need to give the battery some full charges, we will see today.
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