I've been searching through this forum and others, but I haven't found the answers to some of these questions. If they have been answered before, I apologize. I have started to use my calendar for more and more lately, but I have noticed a few things that aren't there or maybe can't be done. So, I just want to make sure its not user error on my part or me just missing something.

My calendar is from my Exchange account. Here are the things I am having issues with:

1. Does The Pre support multiple Exchange calendars from a single Exchange account? For example, if I created another Calendar within my exchange account, does the Pre add that as an additional calendar as well? I have tried, but so far I can't get the Pre to recognize it.

2. Does the Pre not support Exchange Categories (or at least not yet)? I know not everyone uses them, but they are a big part of how I organize my calendar & contacts. Not having these categories on the Pre is causing quite a few issues for me.

3. I am not getting reminders for "All Day" events on my calendar. Any one else have that issue? Do I need to enable some setting that I am missing?

Any and all help is appreciated.