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    Hey guys...(& gals)...

    Is there a way (without spending an arm, or a leg) to sync Outlook contacts with Google? I know we can import/export from one or the other and add those contacts that way. What I'm trying to do, if possible SOUNDS simple enough.

    I want to be able to use Outlook 2007 to manage my business/personal contacts and calendars, and sync to GMail/GCal/Contacts.

    Is this possible, without using an actual exchange server?
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    I need the same as this is part of my issue with the Pre, if I can do this will be a step towards me keeping the Pre, in lieu of a desktop cable sync.
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    Check out for software that is designed to do exactly what you want. I have used their 14-day trial version for 3 days now and it has done everything I had hoped it would do. I plan to buy it after the 14 days are up...only $30 for the software.
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    Try Gsyncit. Works for calendar and contacts and is $10.00 to register. Has a trial.

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