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    Unfortunately, I did not try this before I upgraded to 1.0.3. However, I am experiencing something odd when accessing via the browser.

    While logged in, if I scroll to the bottom of the page within and execute a search, I get a blank page. However, if I rotate the screen to landscape, it renders the page. If I then rotate the screen back to portrait, the page is still rendered correctly. I have also noticed, the main page only renders the top part. If I attempt to scroll down, the page bounces as though it was at the bottom despite the fact it is clearly not. Again, if I rotate the screen, the page renders fully. If I rotate back, it is still correct.

    Anyone else have a problem like this?
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    Not this particular one but I've had several problems with the gmail page. Pressing Inbox from within an email doesn't do anything and deleting an email, from within that email, doesn't take me back to the Inbox. Though it does delete.

    I've just been using the email app for my gmail account instead.
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    Thanks. I was hoping it was just something odd with Gmail. Maybe it is.
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    I hope google fixes the gmail/x problems soon- it's really annoying.

    A workaround for the moment though- just make a shortcut on your home page, and any time you archive or delete a message, just hit teh back button afterward to get to the home page, and then just hit the shortcut you made to take you back to the mail page. It only takes half a second longer than it would have if the the page worked like it ought to work.

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