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    hey folks

    im sure others have discovered this as well, but i think there is a workaround for synergy

    for example, i want to use the mail app to access gmail, however do not want my contacts to be loaded into my Pre's contact list. under Contacts>Accounts, add the google account. this will load your gmail settings, and also your contacts. then, under the same function, delete out the google account (but leave the gmail account in the mail app). this will delete out the contacts that were added from gmail, but will keep the email functionality.

    this was done on 1.0.2
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    looks like removing the google contact list means that you cannot pick those contacts when writing an email.

    what if i were to add all of my contacts to my macbook's address book, and NOT sync the google accounts. would that let me still use gmail (without having to use gmail as a PIM), AND let me add those contacts to my emails?

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